Mario Badescu Face Scrub Review

The first time I ever used a Mario Badescu product was when I slept over my cousins house and I forgot to bring anything for my face (like face wash and moisturizer). So my older sister gave me a Mario Badescu facial spray and I sprayed it on my face, my face felt so fresh and moisturized, I was hooked! After that I started using that spray everyday until my older sister told me to stop using her things so I ended up buying my own. I went to the nearest beauty store and bought the spray, that’s when I saw their strawberry facial scrub. I thought to myself, I like strawberries and I really need a new face scrub so why not give this one a try? Like on every skin care products there is always directions on how to use the product to get the best results, they are usually self explanatory but I like to read that first before applying it on my skin. This product for instance states to exfoliate 1-3 times a week, I exfoliated 3 times a week since I was trying to get the max results. I had the product for a year and unfortunately I was not that big a fan of it, the exfoliation was really nonexistent when I used it. But the great side to the product was the scent, I loved using it for the strawberry scent which was really nice. I won’t be using this scrub anymore but I will still continue using their other products. For the price and size of the product, I’m not sure if it’s worth getting unless you’re a big fan of strawberry scented products, this one has a fresh strawberry scent. I am still using their facial spray ( their facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater) and their Aloe Vera toner, these two products I highly recommend! They are superb products, they make your skin feel amazing and their scent is A plus. I’ve never really used other facial sprays but I’ve used many toners and Mario Badescu’s Aloe Vera toner is hands down my favorite. I will continue using their products since I feel like they still have amazing products and I will trying their other facial wash to see if maybe unit was just that strawberry facial scrub I didn’t like. Do you guys have a favorite facial wash? If so let me know in the comments so I can try something new!

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