Solvang, California

During the weekend of my birthday, my sister decided that it would be a great idea to drive all the way to Santa Barbara from San Diego. I’ve never really been to Santa Barbara so I was pretty excited when she planned it, we also brought my mom and little sister along with us since they haven’t really been out of San Diego before. The drive from San Diego to Santa Barbara is more than 2 hours or so, it was raining in San Diego during that time but when we finally got to Santa Barbara it was really sunny and windy. We reached the hotel and at that point we didn’t really know what to do since we didn’t really plan anything. Good thing google or yelp is always handy when you have nothing planned so you can just go to the tourist spots. One of the tourist spots was this little town called Solvang and from the pictures online it looked like a little Danish town. It’s about an hour drive from downtown Santa Barbara and it’s worth the drive, I feel like it made the whole trip. I’ve never been to Denmark after visiting Solvang it made me want to visit Denmark more.

Solvang was founded in 1911 by a group of Danes, there are a number of bakeries, restaurants, and souvenir shops that offer a little taste of Denmark. I was very surprised to see so many people there so early, we went to pancake house for breakfast and there was an hour wait which wasn’t bad since it was pretty popular. We were there for Danish pancakes which is like a giant crepe but it doesn’t really taste like a crepe, it has it’s only sort of taste that I can’t really describe. The Pancake House was called Paula’s Pancake House and that hour or so wait was totally worth it since their customer service and their food was amazing. I highly recommend trying their Danish pancakes. After that we just took so many pictures around the town and my sisters got this dessert called Æbleskiver which are pancake puffs, I didn’t try it since I was already pretty full but they said it was really good. If you’ve had it before was it good? Should I try it the next time go there? We were just overwhelmed with the scenery and people actually live in this little town, I just found that shocking and very cute at the same time since I’ve always lived in a big city (I wonder if they all know each other since it is a small town?). In conclusion if you’re in the Santa Barbara area, I highly recommend on visiting Solvang and getting a taste of Denmark.

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