Does Head and Shoulders really work?

I for one have been using Head and Shoulders for years now since I’m not blessed with not having dandruff, I mean I get dandruff in my hair here and there but I’ve seen some cases where people have it worst than me. Head and Shoulders has been around multiple decades now and they sure know how to get you to buy their product, with their low prices and heavy celebrity presence in their commercial, why wouldn’t you buy their product? (Now the real question is if those celebrities actually use their product) Besides the low price, I truly like how this shampoo feels on my scalp. Whenever I use it I just feel like it is helping me get rid of dandruff, I can’t really describe the feeling but I just feel like it’s working. For the most part it is working for me, I’ve tried other dandruff shampoo and it just doesn’t feel the same as Head and Shoulders. Since Head and Shoulders was introduced back in 1961, there has been different fragrances you can get, my go to has also been the lavender scent but you can never go wrong with original one. The one downside to their product in my opinion is their 2 in 1 product meaning they have a product with shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. It sounds great since you don’t have to buy them separately but I just don’t think it works. I have tried it and it doesn’t feel any different if you were just to use the shampoo, it feel as though the conditioner part was gone whenever I used it. I am not getting sponsored by Head and Shoulders what so ever (but it wouldn’t be bad if I was) this is just my own experience and opinion on the product. So going back to question, does Head and Shoulders really work? My answer is yes and they have been doing a great job with it. I absolutely recommend using Head and Shoulders to anybody that occasionally gets dandruff like me, it’s not pricey and it gets the job done.

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