First blog post

Hello World!

My first ever blog and first ever post, I thought that my first post should be about me and what you should expect from this page. Let start with why this page is called Melissaferrr and not something mysterious that hides my identity. Besides the fact that all my major social media accounts have that username, there is a back story to this absurd “name”. So back in middle school I would call my friend Jennifer thinking that her actual name was ┬áJennifer and that Jenny was a nickname of some sort but it wasn’t. I started calling her that until I asked her is Jenny your first name? With her answer being, “Yes, what else would it be?” And that was when I explained to her how I thought it was Jennifer, I think you guys can guess what happens next. Since that day Melissaferrr just stuck with me and it’s not something I made up on my own. So this page is mainly going to be about my favorite hairstyles that I like doing everyday and that I would love to share with you guys. I am also open to any suggestions from you guys at anytime, especially hairstyles I don’t know how to do so I can learn and teach you guys how I learned it. So this page will be an interactive page, I’m very open to any suggestions and comments. Just bear with me a little bit guys…

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